1. Congrats to Jens on an amazing effort today, definitely one of the best ways I can think of to end a career. Chapeau!

    That said…

    I really think the record should be divided into “modern” and “classic” categories, if only to preserve it as a test of human endurance and power…independent of technology. If I were a professional cyclist, I would LOVE the opportunity to “race” Eddy, and the only way to come close to doing that is against the clock, on as level a playing field as possible.

    So, THAT said…call me when someone is rolling on steel and spokes!

  2. This thing is ridonkulous.  Love me a Firefly with some paint on it!

  3. I suddenly find myself with an urgent need for a paul’d out SSCX or 650B mtb…

  4. Well I certainly didn’t see this one coming…but I like it! The auction format will mean these things go for beyond top dollar…but hey, at least all proceeds are going to charity, kinda hard to hate on that.

    Just remember, all you eager bidders out there, before you drop however many K’s on one of these things, there are a lot of small builders near you who would love to build you a ONE OF A KIND frame for the same $$. Just sayin…

    Sure are pretty though, can’t argue with that!


    Though Specialized might lead the industry with bicycle technology, the company definitely hasn’t forgotten about how they got to where they are. This beautifully crafted steel Allez will be going up for auction beginning Sept 8 and 100% of the proceeds will be going to World Bicycle Relief (WBR). More info below:

    "Specialized Bicycles has been lucky to serve the greater cycling community by striving to produce products that and inspire to improve riders lives for 40 years. In the year of our 40th anniversary we simply want to say ‘thank you’ to the riders and give back to one of the best bicycle charities, World Bicycle Relief (WBR). To celebrate, we are revisiting the Steel Allez and sending 100 percent of the proceeds to the WBR. Working with Mark DiNucci, one of our original frame builders at Specialized whose bikes still win global recognition and awards, we wanted to rethink the steel frame from the ground up. The Allez is one of the bikes that started it all for us and in 1981 and stood for the best technology a rider could get. It was part of the very foundation of all of the bikes we have built since. For this ONE-TIME-ONLY run of 74 Frames, every tube, lug, and braze-on has been examined through fresh eyes. “Every lesson we have learned over the last 40 years has been applied to create a totally new and totally modern steel frame” said Bryant Bainbridge, R&D manager for Specialized in the 80s, “Keeping with the 40th theme, we will build the 40th Anniversary Allez in the very factory that created the first Stumpjumper, a factory that continues to produce some of the finest handmade bikes in the world.”

    Auctions starts September 8th: www.ebay.com/40thanniversaryallez

  5. scott’s single speed by royal h cycles on Flickr.

    Pics of the MS Royal H are over on Flickr, head over and check it out!

    Photo by Chris Lee

  6. Certo in profile by Winter Bicycles on Flickr.

    Steel road perfection from Winter…the world needs more bikes like this.

  7. Internally geared Di2 1x11: A relatively new, kinda awesome concept, executed to perfection by Kumo Cycles.

    I am a fan of this bicycle

  8. This thing is so SO perfect.

    Full set HERE — Photos by Kyle Kelley

    RIP T.E.T.

  9. Its Oregon Manifest time! Check out this years crop and cast your vote HERE!


    The scope and execution of each of these bikes is pretty impressive. Seems every year the envelope gets pushed further and further as builders/designers try to define/execute the “perfect utility bike.”

    This years bikes are PACKED with tech, integrated EVERYTHING. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m part of the iPod/internet generation and I love me some bells and whistles…but do you really want to have to take your BIKE to the genius bar every time your right turn signal stops working? 

    Part of the beauty of a bike (particularly for daily transport) is how RELIABLE the thing is. Its a simple machine that performs a simple function: transportation of you and your crap. To throw a bunch of techno-wizardry into the mix for the sake of “utility” seems like it has the strong potential to undermine the bicycle’s simplicity and in-turn, its reliability.

    Not to mention, at the end of the day it needs to be a bike that is FUN TO RIDE, not some overbuilt, heavy clunker that handles like a shopping cart.

    For all these reasons and more my vote goes to the MNML + Method “Blackline” bike outta Chi-Town. They blended just the right amount of functional tech with a simple/low-maintenance drivetrain and solid rack system.

    That said, I really have to congratulate everyone involved with this project, each bike is truly something special.

  10. Slaying the Badger

    Watch it before it gets pulled!

  11. Hunter Cycles shop visit pics/words up on BikeRumor today, head over and have a look!

  12. (Source: milanofixed.com, via rosko-cc)

  13. (Source: fireflybicycles)

  14. And now for something completely different…

  15. Easily the coolest fat bike I have seen to date! Between the paint, lines, and concave stay/fork caps…its hard for me to pick a favorite detail on this rig.

    Check out more pics here!