1. Hunter Cycles shop visit pics/words up on BikeRumor today, head over and have a look!

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  4. And now for something completely different…

  5. Easily the coolest fat bike I have seen to date! Between the paint, lines, and concave stay/fork caps…its hard for me to pick a favorite detail on this rig.

    Check out more pics here!

  6. One day ill find the Peg for me…one day ;)

  7. Way to go Ira, thats a helluva ride and a great little vid as record of it!

  8. Just take a minute to appreciate this setup…

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  9. 2014 Team Stampede by Tomii Cycles on Flickr.

    What’s better than a Tomii with Jordan Low paint? 7 of em, duh.

  10. Bling bling, every time I come around yo city
    Bling bling, chain ring worth about fifty
    Bling bling, everytime I buy a new ride
    Bling bling, Enve’s on Vittoria tires
    Bling bling

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  11. rosko-cc:

    Ezra Caldwell died on May 24th 2014. He was an amazing guy and a good friend. A true example of courageous living. His legacy of inspiration will carry for a long time. Take a moment to reflect on a life well lived and perhaps carry home some drive to seize the moment- for those who no longer have that option. Godspeed brother.

    Couldn’t have said it better Seth. RIP Fast Boy, you live on in all of us.

  12. 2007 Vanilla fixed gear city bike. by sashae on Flickr.

    The perfect city bike. Seriously. PERFECT.

    There is something very special about this bike as well…see if you can figure it out…

  13. As a framebuilder, chrome is a double-edged sword. When done correctly (if you can even find a place to do it), it creates a stunning and super-durable finish that HIDES NOTHING, for better or worse.

    No primer to fill in the pin holes…no coats of paint…no clear. Just 3 layers of electro-plated metal stand between you and the hours of filing/sanding that were poured into the creation of the machine you see in the photos above.

    This latest Royal H was a labor of love/hate for Bryan who (whether he likes it or not) consistently attract the business of the more “bikeccentric” among us, those with an undying love for all things vintage and French. Just check out that rear straddle cable arrangement and the drivetrain…that RD was the smallest I think Ive ever held, folds up like a little pocketknife when de-chained.

    There are a lot of other great details that I’m sure Bryan will mention in his inevitable Tumblr/Flickr post, so stay tuned!


    Photos © 2014 Eric Baumann / Ride Metal

  14. NUTS.

  15. If you are lookin for a classic randonneur, few folks do it better than Bryan over at Royal H. For better or worse, Bryan has managed to attract customers with a lust for this style of bike…which means a lot of extra work for him! Tons of braze-ons, internal wiring for lights, perfect fender gaps, rack customization…he does it all, and boy does he do it well.

    Check out more photos up on the Royal H Flickr and be sure to follow the Royal H Tumblr while you’re at it!

    Photos © 2014 Ride Metal / Eric Baumann