1. scott’s single speed by royal h cycles on Flickr.

    Pics of the MS Royal H are over on Flickr, head over and check it out!

    Photo by Chris Lee

  2. Certo in profile by Winter Bicycles on Flickr.

    Steel road perfection from Winter…the world needs more bikes like this.

  3. Internally geared Di2 1x11: A relatively new, kinda awesome concept, executed to perfection by Kumo Cycles.

    I am a fan of this bicycle

  4. This thing is so SO perfect.

    Full set HERE — Photos by Kyle Kelley

    RIP T.E.T.

  5. Its Oregon Manifest time! Check out this years crop and cast your vote HERE!


    The scope and execution of each of these bikes is pretty impressive. Seems every year the envelope gets pushed further and further as builders/designers try to define/execute the “perfect utility bike.”

    This years bikes are PACKED with tech, integrated EVERYTHING. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m part of the iPod/internet generation and I love me some bells and whistles…but do you really want to have to take your BIKE to the genius bar every time your right turn signal stops working? 

    Part of the beauty of a bike (particularly for daily transport) is how RELIABLE the thing is. Its a simple machine that performs a simple function: transportation of you and your crap. To throw a bunch of techno-wizardry into the mix for the sake of “utility” seems like it has the strong potential to undermine the bicycle’s simplicity and in-turn, its reliability.

    Not to mention, at the end of the day it needs to be a bike that is FUN TO RIDE, not some overbuilt, heavy clunker that handles like a shopping cart.

    For all these reasons and more my vote goes to the MNML + Method “Blackline” bike outta Chi-Town. They blended just the right amount of functional tech with a simple/low-maintenance drivetrain and solid rack system.

    That said, I really have to congratulate everyone involved with this project, each bike is truly something special.

  6. Slaying the Badger

    Watch it before it gets pulled!

  7. Hunter Cycles shop visit pics/words up on BikeRumor today, head over and have a look!

  8. (Source: milanofixed.com, via rosko-cc)

  9. (Source: fireflybicycles)

  10. And now for something completely different…

  11. Easily the coolest fat bike I have seen to date! Between the paint, lines, and concave stay/fork caps…its hard for me to pick a favorite detail on this rig.

    Check out more pics here!

  12. One day ill find the Peg for me…one day ;)

  13. Way to go Ira, thats a helluva ride and a great little vid as record of it!

  14. Just take a minute to appreciate this setup…

    (Source: fireflybicycles)

  15. 2014 Team Stampede by Tomii Cycles on Flickr.

    What’s better than a Tomii with Jordan Low paint? 7 of em, duh.