2. rosko-cc:

    Rivendell video showing how lugs are made.

    Kinda intense process…that furnacemolten steeljust another day at the office for these dudes!


  3. Looks like theres a fancy new Garmin on the way…now with even more rules!

    CHECK OUT that Di2 integration! The return of the flight deck! Now you can finally know without looking that you are indeed already in your “bail out” gear and you are, in fact, in for a world of pain, cause that climb ain’t over for another 4 miles.

    Oh, and real-time segments! Yay technology!

    The promo vid is actually pretty good too…

  4. WATCH IT!

    Incredible footage, I’d love to see a behind the scenes on how they filmed some of this. Oh and those trails in BC…yea, I know, I wanna go there too.

    ENVE knows how to launch a new product!

  5. Drool. So much drool on my keyboard.

    Stay tuned for full build pics!

  6. Who’s ready for this on Sunday? 

    (skip to 3:21:31 for the fireworks…)

  7. Nice Q&A with this guy up on VeloNews. Have a read.

  8. All you folks rocking crooked shifters…heed these words.

  10. velotopia:

    My new toy. Nothing too precious, just a classic to play around at the track a bit.

    Latest build from my buddy Chris, this thing came out great!

  11. Ive got quite a backlog of new H’s to post, Bryan’s been busy! Expect some more complete sets soon…

    Photo by Eric Baumann - Ride Metal - 2014

  12. This thing is dreamy.

  14. Shred.

  15. FF-305-Studio-2 by fireflybicycles on Flickr.

    This is one badass mixte!

    More pics here!